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Ana'share (Forest Elf)
Character classesHunter/Huntress, Infiltrator, Gatherer, Merchant, Woodsman...
Racial capitalShan'ia
Racial leader(s)Ruby Mal'talah
Racial mountTamed Forest Creatures
HomeworldThe Emerald Vale, Ionus
Primary language(s)Elvish
Average heightFemale (Adult) - 5'4"-6'2" (160 - 185cm) Male (Adult) - 5'8"-6'6" (170-195cm)
AlignmentUsually Neutral
We wander the forests, not in search of adventure or danger, but in search for ourselves, for when we are able to make that peace, we are truly one with nature.

The forest elves, more commonly known in their native tongue as the Ana'share, are a race composed of elves who defected from the use of arcane magic after witnessing some of their people become addicted to the use of magic, eventually transforming into elves tainted by magic, which are known as the dark elves or Mal'ahel in Elvish. They escaped to the forests of the Emerald Vale, hoping to one day purify themselves utterly of the taints they believe magic has left within them. They rejected almost any and all use of magic, strictly punishing those who misused it.


Those now known as the Ana'share were once elves who widely utilized the use of all sorts of magic, called the Ith'idan. Centuries ago, the Ith'idan were recognized as the most powerful sect of the elven race, however, over time their people became more and more addicted to the use of magic. Their addiction became widespread, marking the beginning of their downfall. Over time, those who fell to their obsession of magic became insane, and the once peaceful population of the Ith'idan was destroyed by power-hungry Mal'ahels. They took over the kingdom entirely, slaughtering most of the population, murdering or converting all leaders of the Ith'idan, and replacing the crystals which once supplied pure magic to the people with demon crystals, using it to draw immense power from and summon massive armies of demons. Any surviving citizens who showed symptoms of falling to dark magic were captured and chained down, being practically force-fed magic to speed up their transformation. Those not affected by magic, that were able, fled to the outskirts of the kingdom, rejecting the use of any destructive magic to prevent such events from occuring again. To do so, those who made it to the forests underwent a purification process, removing most of their magic abilities. They lived in harmony with nature, developing a small village named Shan'ia, where they would prosper for over a century.